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Glenn Thordarson

The employees of Milltech Millwork are saddened by the passing of our founder, Glenn Thordarson. Glenn will be missed, however he always surrounded himself with the best people and we want to assure our clients, past, present, and future, that we are dedicated to continuing Glenn’s legacy of producing the highest quality products and service. Glenn would expect nothing less from any of us.
Focused on success, Glenn’s path is a very interesting one. Starting with humble beginnings in his garage, Glenn founded Milltech Millwork Ltd., in August 1986. Having learned the inner workings of the Architectural Millwork trade through his education path as a graduate of the Cabinetmaker Apprentice Program at NAIT, then refining his skills as a Plant Foreman in another large millwork shop, he was able to create a product and service offering based on integrity, technology, honesty and respect. Glenn is a certified Journeyman Cabinetmaker.
With a focus on growing an amazing team, and promising profitability to his shareholders, Glenn has been able to grow the company into a fantastic, state of the art facility housing 100,000sq’ of manufacturing and management infrastructure.
Glenn’s innovation didn’t stop when he achieved the typical success common amongst good manufacturers. He founded and created TRAKware systems, a real time Enterprise Resource Planning software tool designed to allow manufacturers to control project data and management information in a control setting. This solution has helped the company, amongst others, to realize the successful management of over 50 projects at a time, with never late results.
Glenn is committed to his social obligations to his loyal employees, shareholders and stakeholders such as clients and partners. Glenn is personally involved in every project from cradle to client and it is evident that everybody matters to him. Glenn is blessed with several of his family members working under his leadership and the future looks bright for Milltech Millwork Ltd
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Keith Waldbillig
Managing Partner
Keith joined the company in 1991 after being discovered by Glenn while working as a Journeyman Cabinetmaker for another local Architectural Millwork firm. Keith was one of the founding members of the team and has worn every hat in the company. Keith’s highlighted abilities are in the thorough management of the supply chain of materials, tracking and managing the projects for key accounts, and mobilizing the installation capabilities of the company. Keith provides the management controls of the company insuring that the correct materials, details and routes are taken to get to the planned destination.
Keith has a genuine can do attitude and does not let anything stand in his way, anything…
Keith’s motto is to “Be the best at what we do” in every project and shares the long term success vision of his fellow shareholders.
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Mike Millard
VP Sales
Mike joined the Milltech Millwork Ltd. Team in 1998 to head the Second Cup General Contracting program, as a Site Superintendant insuring that the roll out program was fulfilled accurately, on time and on budget.
Mike’s background as a Journeyman Carpenter and his vast experience on construction sites helped Mike to eventually become a Chief Estimator and Project Manager for the company insuring that every detail was accounted for. Mike’s love for the Architectural Millwork industry and it’s complex challenges prompted him to become a shareholder and Vice President of Milltech.
Mike’s responsibilities include managing the bid and estimating program, client relations and managing his proficient and growing sales and estimating department. Mike is an asset to the team and shares the long term success vision of his fellow shareholders.
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Nathan Schmidt
Managing Partner
Nathan was the first member of the team, joining Glenn at Milltech in November 1987. Having truly worked his way up, Nathan has held various positions in this ever growing enterprise. Nathan’s overwhelming skills in Project Management has offered Milltech opportunities to create masterful projects all over the US and Canada. Nathan has personally managed many very complex projects, headed the Seattle office of Milltech Millwork Inc, and now shares his passion and leadership with his team of highly skilled PMs. As a Journeyman Cabinetmaker, Nathan understands every aspect of our projects from design drawings to field installation, having held up the heavy end of the stick more than once. Challenge and responsibility are what keeps Nathan motivated, and he accomplishes success in every project he is involved in.
Nathan shares the long term success vision of his shareholder peers and continues to increase his management role and duties.
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