Dedicated Project Management
Milltech dedicates a manager to each project. They are responsible for the timely communication between the design authority, general contractor and the retailers. We support the retailers with innovative fixture solutions, quicker turnaround and delivery, and viable ways to reduce store opening time frames.
Milltech's integrated solutions directly improve our level of service and responsiveness to our clients by directly improving the quality of communication between the individuals, organizations and project teams.
Our design solutions are linked to clients' strategic plans and become integral to their ongoing business success. Challenges of time, space and costs are constant concern. We meet these challenges with excellence and integrity.
Our manufacturing planning and control (MPC) software provides live data and scheduling in every discipline of the project from estimating through to the final installation. Our MPC system is embedded throughout our enterprise, it defines and measures targets (estimates) versus actual for all processes in real time.
Access to the system is at the fingertips of all Milltech people via touch stations within the plant and PCs in the offices, which makes it easy to view or enter information the minute it happens. Having this up-to-the-minute centralized information empowers our people to make the right decisions and actions. The result of our project management process is lower costs and more value to the retailer.
Reducing Costs by Combining Value Engineering, and Effective Manufacturing Planning and Control
There will always be non-value stream activities that must be performed, even though they are not all wasteful. The pursuit of reducing waste keeps us lean and competitive. We understand what our customers value. Our entire workforce is dedicated to reducing waste and working on value stream activities.
Towards this end Milltech has incorporated seven principals for operations and lean, efficient management. We reduce costs by minimizing the impact of:
  • Corrections
  • Unnecessary processing steps
  • Waiting
  • Unnecessary movement of people and materials
  • Excess inventory
  • Unwanted services
  • Obsolescence
Our scheduling and project control system is a powerful tool that helps plan, monitor and evaluate project performance. This system determines critical paths and offers clients any level of information they require.
The system defines and measures targets for all processes in real time and assists in execution, analysis and costing calibration. Purchasing, receiving, shipping, time transactions, and accounting data is also collected in real time via touch stations and bar coding in the plant and PCs in the offices.
Ability, Experience, Stability and Reliability
Retailers want stable relationships with companies that have a history of solid performance and service. In partnership with our clients, we know that anything we can do to reduce our costs reduces their costs. This is why we've continued to enjoy mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our clients.
Retailers, merchandisers and designers have put their trust in Milltech for providing a high quality execution of their ideas on-time and on-budget. The three divisions of the Milltech Group; Retail Store Fixtures, Architectural Woodwork, and Casework enable us to offer our clients a diverse and complimentary range of products and services.
Our Project Managers are Master Craftsmen; with their knowledge they directly improve the level of service.
To find out more about the Milltech group please contact one of our project managers to receive a detailed boxed set of our interactive catalogues and design resource materials for each division.

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