Excellence as a Minimum
At the heart of every product that passes through our plant is the hand of a craftsman. Despite the fact that computer aided manufacturing equipment has reduced tolerances to fractions of millimeters, we still take a hands-on approach to finishing our products.
Not all project requirements can be met with standard casework, in fact there is a growing trend to blend custom and manufactured elements into single projects – giving tighter control of the finished look of a project without sacrificing quality craftsmanship or manufacturing efficiencies.
Milltech is admirably suited to develop these kinds of projects. We have both a high production manufacturing environment, and a large pool of skilled craftsmen on hand who incorporate their knowledge and expertise into the manufacturing process.
Those pieces that require manual assembly come off the productions line where they have been cut, sized and modified. This allows us to create custom products with the same exacting consistency as can be found in our manufactured lines. After they have been assembled and inspected, they are merged back into the production line for final finishing with the rest of the project pieces.
Every piece is fully inspected before it leaves the shop floor. Any employee in the shop has the authority to take a piece out of the line for the slightest imperfection – sending it for repair, or to be remade. The pride they take in their work is a chief building block in our reputation.
Our installation professionals are craftsmen in their own right, bringing years of experience to your facility and making sure that the finished product is exactly as the architect envisioned it. They handle every aspect of the installation from the delivery, through to the final buff and polish. They understand, as do we, that your project is our show piece.

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