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Case goods encompass the cabinetry and countertops utilized as building blocks within many schools, hospitals and laboratory projects.
By using the latest in technology combined with experienced craftsman - both in the office and in the shop - Milltech is able to produce high quality, competitively priced case goods. High production volumes are attainable without sacrificing quality due to our investment in computer controlled production equipment, large facilities and efficient process management.
As one of Western Canada’s largest production facilities of case goods, Milltech knows what it takes to build a good cabinet. Consistent fit and finish are accompanied by exacting tolerances, a wide range of styles / finishes and short lead times. A product offering that goes far beyond that of our competition.
Countertops are the icing on the cake that transform boxes into work surfaces, unusable space into efficient areas. A vast range of styles, shapes, colors and textures exist to choose from. We even offer a “v-grooved” plastic laminate countertop that not only does away with the problematic exposed black edge commonly associated with p-lam countertops, but can offer significantly shorter production times - which means they cost less and get there faster.

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