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Because complex and innovative ideas from today’s design professionals are appearing more frequently in projects, Milltech has invested in quality focused craftsmen. While great design is a planned, logical sequence that can be recreated again and again, a large percentage of what we build is highly specialized and unique for each client.
Products which are not standard production line compatible must be fabricated and assembled by hand in our Custom Assembly department. This is the home of our truest craftsmen.
Unique designs, which are complex, angled or curved, cannot be processed entirely by machines and must be sent through Custom Assembly. Computer generated designs and material lists guarantee that everyone involved clearly understands the construction and finished product requirements.
Our architectural-grade craftsmen blend form and design with function. We work with natural wood, laminate, metal, glass, acrylics, and new innovative materials which are quite often combined in order to achieve the desired design effect, greatest flexibility and durability.
“Working with a challenging design and a broad range of materials we knew Milltech could meet and surpass our expectations”
Alex and Nahil Hasham, Owners, Second Cup

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